2017 California Craft Brewing Industry Compensation Study

The California Craft Brewers Association is excited to announce a new project to provide regional data on employee compensation, retention and benefits. The 2017 California Craft Brewing Industry Compensation Study is a critical resource for brewery owners to rely on in an era of increased industry growth, increased competition for valuable employees and a growing need for employee retention programs. The final study will be complimentary for CCBA members.

The CCBA’s California Craft Brewing Industry Compensation Study will focus on California markets with regional specific data to help you stay competitive in the marketplace. With the increase in minimum wage across the state, staying in tune with industry salaries and benefits will be critical for planning growth.

The 2017 study will include:

  • Compensation data on 34 benchmark positions, including salary structure and incentives
  • Demographics and growth projections for brewery employees
  • HR and benefits metrics, including turnover, retention, retirement, PTO and tuition reimbursement
  • Sales and incentive data

The study will be developed in partnership with FutureSense, LLC, a management consulting firm with experience throughout the state, including HR and organizational management. FutureSense’s experience includes managing studies for the last 30 years. FutureSense conducted a similar study in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County in 2016 and reported salary and compensation data for more than 19 positions for 30+ breweries in these regions.

The timeline for the data collection and roll out is included below:

  • May 21: Study opens for participation at the CCBA’s Spring Conference. FutureSense will be at the event to talk with brewery owners about the data collection process.
  • July 1: Survey closes and data analysis begins.
  • September 8: Findings are released at the California Craft Beer Summit in Sacramento.
  • September – October: Participant breweries will receive a copy of the final study.
  • November: Final study available to CCBA members.

If you have questions about this statewide study or last year’s regional study, feel free to contact Leia at the CCBA (leia@californiacraftbeer.com) or Jack Thomas on the FutureSense Team (Jack@FutureSense.com).