Anderson Valley the latest to say “Yes we can!”

Poleeko Gold - now in cans!

Poleeko Gold - now in cans!

Anderson Valley Brewing Company just announced that they will package beer in cans for the first time in their twenty-two year history. The initial release of cans will be limited to Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema, and Poleeko Gold Pale Ale.

Why are so many craft brewers canning these days? Cans require less energy to ship and use more recycled and less virgin materials than glass. Cans can be recycled many times in their lifetime. Cans get colder quicker, are lighter to carry, and crush easily to be packed in and out of the wilderness. The 6-pack holder is recyclable, as well as reusable and can be returned to the brewery for a rebate. Cans are better for the beer as well. Even brown glass allows light to penetrate and with a larger volume of headspace, these two factors will speed up oxidation. Cans allow zero light, and have less headspace. Think of a can as a keg in your hand.

Summer Solstice stands out on a hot day for it’s copper color and silken, creamy texture. This Cerveza Crema pours a brilliant copper that captures the sunlight with a clean malt base balancing a hint of cascade hops.

Poleeko Gold Pale Ale pours brilliant gold, reflecting the pristine waters of Anderson Valley. Lightly toasted, golden malts rise in the aroma, with light body followed by a crisp and clean citrus hop finish.

Founded in the town of Boonville in 1987, Anderson Valley Brewing Co. was one of the pioneers of the American craft brewing movement. Solar powered since 2001, and brewing with the pure waters of the Anderson Valley, the brewery is home to an 18 hole disc golf course, a small hop farm, shire horses and a herd of pygmy goats. The AVBC Visitor’s Center pours the entire family of beers as well as experimental beers available only at the brewery. For an update on brewery happenings and a description of all AVBC beers visit