Bear Republic’s Hop Rod Rye now in four-packs


Bear Republic is ready to debut its newest product. The Alcohol Burnin’ Monster Ale, Hop Rod Rye Ale has a new package: 12oz. four-pack.


Customers can begin looking for this turbo charged four-pack in retail stores across the nation next week. The four-pack is the first for Bear Republic Brewing Company’s line of hop-heavy brews. Since completing the Factory 5 brewery in 2006, Bear Republic is now poised to offer new selections to loyal customers. HINT: Racer 5 might be getting some new duds next month.


Hop Rod Rye Ale is the first rye IPA to be produced in America. It is a high performance, turbo charged, alcohol burnin’ monster ale with dual overhead hop injection that revs out the hop-o-meter at over 90 IBUs. For all that, a good dose of rye and caramel malts ensures a sturdy chassis to carry all that flavor. The rye malt adds a spicy grain character that takes this beer to the winner’s circle. ABV: 8.0% IBUs: 90+ medium_hoprod4-pack