Brew Better Beer at the California Craft Beer Summit

What are your educational goals for 2018? If you brew beer commercially, build your skills, quality and management during the TECHINICAL educational seminar line-up at the California Craft Beer Summit.

What Technical Education? A whole line-up of content devoted to brewers, brew staff and QC! Seminars include:

  • Quality: Mileposts to Excellence with Dr. Michael Lewis: Making beer is a multi-step and technically complex process, but some actions are more consequential to smooth operation and beer quality than others. This talk explores those key points in the process that are most necessary for consistency and excellence, explains what happens at those points and lays out why that is important.
  • Sour Beer Managers Q&A: Some of the top sour and wild beer makers in California are coming together to discuss their programs, best practices, and answer your questions!
  • Growing a Sensory Program: Next Steps for Brewpubs to Multiple Breweries: How robust is your sensory program today? Do you have the techniques to assure quality, conduct research, and support innovation? Regardless of size, sensory is one of the most important tools that a brewery can possess. This talk will be focused on techniques that any brewery can implement to improve upon quality assurance protocols with the people and processes they already have in place. Building upon that foundation, we will also cover sensory testing methodologies that can be used to conduct research and support innovation to take your sensory program to the next level.
  • Ancient Nordic Beer Styles – Sahti & Shoduchol: Learn the history and process of making these ancient, undiscovered beer styles.
  • Beer and Cannabis – What You Can and Cannot Do: The legalization of recreational cannabis in California has opened up new opportunities – and risks. The conflicting federal and state regulations add confusion and complexity, even when brewing with non-THC ingredients such as CBD oils and hemp. This seminar will explore the latest regulations in licensing, brewing and marketing and advertising as it relates to brewing and cannabis.
  • Sustainability Roundtable — Water Re-Use: Sit at a roundtable of brewers and efficiency experts as they discuss best practices, policy solutions, low-budget alternatives and cost-saving tricks for launching efficiency measures at your brewery today and ensuring sustainable water supplies.
  • Plus so much more!

With 40+ educational opportunities ranging from sensory training to business operations, the California Craft Beer Summit offers something for everyone. Check out the content line-up for the California Craft Beer Summit and make sure you snag your ticket for one day or the entire event.

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