Celebrate CCBA’s 30th Anniversary at the Summit!

This year, the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) celebrates an important milestone: 30 years of protecting and supporting 1,000 breweries in the state of California!

The greatest and most beneficial impact of the CCBA is our work every year at the state Capitol. There is no doubt that if the CCBA did not exist, the landscape would look very different than it does today…

  • There would be strict franchise laws impacting the ability for craft brewers to distribute their beer or for consumers to purchase the beer they want at their local market.
  • Brewery tasting rooms would not be allowed, changing the consumer experience and access to craft beer everywhere.
  • Brewers would have limited ability to innovate and create, there wouldn’t be coffee stouts or fruited sour beers!
  • Big corporate brewers with “deeper pockets” would have the ability to purchase shelf space or tap handles at restaurant, limiting the ability for small, family-run breweries to compete based on quality of beer alone!

CELEBRATE THE CCBA with the entire craft beer community this year at the annual California Craft Beer Summit, held September 12-14 in Long Beach, Calif.

What is included in the 30th anniversary celebration?

  1. Tune into a colorful panel discussion at the opening of the California Craft Beer Summit about the last 30 years of craft beer featuring Ken Grossman, John Martin, Chris Cramer and Vinnie Cilurzo! These founders of both the CCBA and the craft beer revolution in the Golden State come together to tell their stories. Learning from the past, leaning on community and ever looking to evolve, these brewery owners and industry leaders share more than 30 years of insight with the next generation of craft brewers.
  2. A special beer brewed in collaboration with the CCBA for all attendees at the California Craft Beer Summit! The CCBA’s 30th anniversary collaborative beer will celebrate the taste that the craft brewing industry has created, crafted, innovated and honed across the Golden State and throughout the world!
  1. And of course, a super-fun, beer-filled 30th Anniversary Party held outside on the steps of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center! Don’t miss this party to end all parties at the Summit! Celebrating each and every brewery owner and industry member and beer lover that has built this industry, the CCBA’s 30th Anniversary Party at the Summit will include games, music, snacks and beers for everyone as we meet new friends, reminisce with old friends and enjoy the community that brought us together in the world of craft beer.

Don’t miss celebrating with your community, your association and your beer family at the California Craft Beer Summit this year. Tickets on sale now. More details at www.cacraftbeersummit.com!