COVID-19 Resources for Craft Breweries

Updated: April 2, 2020 

CURRENT STATUS: California has in place a statewide order to stay-at-home except to fulfill essential needs to help reduce the spread and impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). YOUR BREWERY IS STILL ALLOWED TO CONDUCT ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS per the exemptions mentioned by the Governor on the CISA site. This includes: manufacturing and packaging beer, working with your wholesaler or self-distributing, shipping beer within CA, delivering direct-to-consumers’ addresses, filling to-go orders (subject to local interpretation and enforcement.

CCBA ROLE: Your association continues to work with the Office of the Governor, state legislature,  the California ABC, and county health officials to advocate for financial and economic support for the 1000 craft breweries in the state of California. Please contact CCBA to get involved.

Below is a constantly updated list of resources and information for your business during this time:

California ABC Relief 

  • California ABC relaxed restrictions on
    • Charitable donations, free delivery and extended delivery hours. Info here.
    • Returns, off-sale privileges, extensions of credit, deliveries to consumers and more. Info here. 
  • The ABC also announced a 30-Day extension on Annual License Renewal Fees and Late Renewal Penalty Fees
  • Ongoing Q&A can be found on the ABC FAQs

California Tax Relief

Lease and Mortgage Relief 

  • Governor Newsom’s executive order suspends all state laws that would prevent local governments from enacting policies to protect you as a resident or business owner from eviction because of nonpayment of rent due to COVID-19.

Small Business Loans 

  • SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program: : NOTE: If you applied for an SBA Disaster Loan in March, you may need to reapply due to security issues on the website. Info here.
  • California IBank has a Small Business Loan Guarantee Program. The program is run through the Small Business Finance Center. 
  • California Treasurer’s Office has a small business loan program with special disaster assistance that is used extensively by the CDFI community: CalCAP

California Specific HR Q&A 

California Insurance Info  

  • All insurance companies in California must provide no less than a 60-day grace period to employers/insureds to pay premiums. The official announcement can be found hereMore resources can be found here.
  • File a Business Interruption Insurance Claim. Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara directed insurance companies to submit data to the California Department of Insurance regarding coverage of commercial business interruption related to COVID-19. The data will help state policymakers to understand the scope of insured and uninsured losses to businesses in order to help them recover and keep workers employed. More information from the Insurance Commissioner available online here. 

Federal Relief Packages

REGIONAL SMALL BUSINESS RELIEF – List in progress as more local relief is announced for small businesses

  • Sacramento
    • Applications for $1 million relief loan program. Apply here. 
    • Sacramento resources on eviction bans for residents, waiver on delinquent utility payments & more info here and moratorium on commercial lease evictions, info here. 
  • San Francisco
  • Oakland
  • City of Corona
    • Business Tax Relief: Business automatically qualify when located within Corona.  The city of Corona charges no utility, payroll, or inventory tax. There is no sales tax for Corona. (Riverside County sales tax: 7.75%). Info here. 
  • City of San Diego
    • Mayor Faulconer Outlines Economic Relief Package for San Diego Businesses Affected by COVID-19. Relief Package to Include Small Business Loans, Fee Deferrals Extension of Building Permits. Info here.


If you have a resource to add to this list please email