Anderson Valley Brewing Company President Trey White announced the return of highly respected brew master Fal Allen to the company. Fal has over twenty years of experience in the craft beer industry and is well regarded for his innovative and creative style.  Fal has been published extensively on a wide array of craft brewing topics and serves frequently as a judge at the GABF and other top quality brewing competitions.

Fal left Anderson Valley Brewing Company four years ago to build a craft brewery in Singapore for Asia Pacific Breweries. With his contract about to end, he will return by Labor Day.

“As brew master, Fal will lead our efforts to provide delicious yet cutting-edge brews while simultaneously performing as a key brand ambassador for the Anderson Valley Brewery.  In addition to his primary work in the brewery, Fal will work in the trade educating the public and our distributor partners on our products in particular and the benefits of craft beer in general” says Mr. White.

Fal Allen says: “I greatly enjoyed my previous work with the Anderson Valley Brewery.  I love the brand and have tremendous respect for the brewing staff at Anderson Valley.  I very much look forward to working with Trey White as I believe his vision for maintaining and enhancing the quality of Anderson Valley’s beers whilst expanding the brand’s marketing potential is truly exciting.  I cannot wait to get back!”