How Small is Big?

Or, how big is small?

Boston Beer Co., the largest craft brewer in the country is pushing an unusual selling point in new ads: Its own insignificance.

In an ad spot titled “Growing Up Small” it sets out to dispel the notion that it accounts for a significant portion of U.S. beer sales, asking drinkers in a series of documentary-style interviews how big they think Sam Adams’ share is.

Twenty-five percent, guesses one. Huge, says another. At that point, the brand’s actual market share flashes across the screen: 0.9%. That’s right. One in every 100 beers consumed in the US is a Boston Beer Company product – most of which is of course Sam Adam’s.

And how big is #2? Or, how small is #2 I should say. Pretty darn small. Boston Beer will push about 2 million barrels out the door this year (one barrel equals 31 gallons. I don’t have a calculator handy so I’ll let you do the math). The second largest craft brewer in the country, our very own Sierra Nevada Brewing Company will sell about 700,000 barrels, well less than half of Boston Beer. Pretty small.

Number 2. Big, but small.

Number 2. Big, but small.