Iron Springs Pub and Brewery Announces the release of Seasonal Favorite: Honey Blonde Ale

Iron Springs summer seasonal, the Honey Blonde Ale, was released, on May 2nd.  This “quafalicious” blonde ale is produced using 25 pounhoney_blond_on_tapds of fresh organic honey from the folks at Marshall Farms.   This extremely popular summer seasonal beer will only be available for a three month period.  Once the special honey blend is gone for the season, so will the beer.

Iron Springs is producing a limited batch of the beloved Belgian Whit beer– last year called Alawicious Whit- in honor of the birth of proprietors Ann and Michael’s second born, Aaron Altman.  This is a classic Belgian Whit beer infused with Chamomile & lemongrass and fermented with a very rare and special La Chouffe yeast.  Another one-of-a-kind beer at Iron Springs.

For further details visit Iron Springs newsletter here.