Learn to Taste Craft Beer During Sensory Educational Sessions at the California Craft Beer Summit – Beers Included!

What are your tasting goals for 2018? If you sell beer, buy beer or love beer, build your skills in off-flavor training, sensory analysis and historical trends during the TASTING educational seminar line-up at the California Craft Beer Summit.

What Tasting Education? A whole line-up of content devoted to beer tasting, including:

  • Flavor Training by Cicerone – Brewery Production Off-Flavors: A focus on quality beer is an essential part of operating a successful brewery. In this session, Master Cicerone® Pat Fahey will guide you through a tasting of several common, production-related off flavors while covering formation, control, and prevention of these flavors. Walk away with more knowledge and experience in tasting and testing the beer you brew.
  • Sensory Training – Blind Tasting and Analysis: How much does vision impact taste? Hoby Wedler, blind from birth, will walk you through a sensory tasting of craft beer without using any visuals. Put on a blindfold and smell, taste, and touch craft beer.
  • How to Talk about Beer and Food Tastings: Pairing food and beer is a beautiful adventure for all chefs, brewers and especially for enthusiasts. In this session learn how to talk about the pairing of beer and food, highlight flavors and taste some beers and bites together. This hands-on class is perfect for everyone who wants to improve their service at their restaurant or brewpub or learn how to pair better at home!
  • A Brief History of Beer Trends: Taste your way through the history of European styles as they morphed into US styles. Walk through the history of the classic saison, take a look at the evolution of the kolsch through the California beer market, consider the resurgence of lagers and the continued creativity of the fruited sour beer. Use your taste buds to answer the age-old question: what will we be drinking next?
  • PLUS:
    • Food and beer pairings from 12 restaurants in our “Brewed for Food” session
    • Chef and brewer demos from four leading culinary and brewery experts

With 40+ educational opportunities ranging from sensory training to business operations, the California Craft Beer Summit offers something for everyone. Check out the content line-up for the California Craft Beer Summit and make sure you snag your ticket for one day or the entire event.

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