Looking to Add Tools to Your Sensory and Tasting Toolbox? You Won’t Want to Miss Seminars from the CA Craft Beer Summit Tasting Track!

We can agree – craft beer is great! But isn’t it even better when you know what you’re tasting? Join us at the 2019 California Craft Beer Summit to build your skills in off-flavor training, sensory analysis, and historical trends during a variety of seminars from our Tasting Track below:

Flavor Training by Cicerone: Brewery Production Off Flavors
Pat Fahey, Content Director, Cicerone Program

A focus on quality beer is an essential part of operating a successful brewery. In this session, Master Cicerone® Pat Fahey will guide you through a tasting of several common, production-related off flavors while covering formation, control, and prevention of these flavors. Walk away with more knowledge and experience in tasting and testing the beer you brew.

A Brief History of Beer Trends
Mike Moore, Founder, TasteMoore

Taste your way through the history of European styles and their morph into US styles. Walk through the history of the classic Saison, take a look at the changes in Kolsch through the California beer market, consider the resurgence of Pilsner and the continued creativity of the Fruited Sour beer. Use your taste buds to answer the age-old question: what will we be drinking next?

Sightless Sipping: A Truly Blind Beer Tasting
Hoby Wedler, Co-Founder and Lead Designer, Sensepoint Design

Have you ever experienced a true blind tasting? In this interactive, entertaining, and very educational seminar, Dr. Hoby Wedler will walk you through some history of beer, beer aromas from hand-crafted aroma samples and a variety of beer tastings while you are under blindfold!

We will begin with a discussion of how beer is a true art form, some fun beer history, and lively discussion about beer. We will then move into a discussion of some of the aromas we typically find in beer and enhance our aromatic vocabularies by smelling a few samples which will be passed around. Finally, we will lead a detailed aroma and flavor analysis of a variety of beer styles all under blindfold! Come check out what truly blind tasting is all about.

Master Pairing: Beer and Junk Food
Dr. Bill Sysak, Owner/Founder, Wild Barrel Brewing

Pairing craft beers with everything from the rarest delicacies to your favorite junk foods is an adventure worth exploring. Join “Dr. Bill” as he takes you to a place you never thought you would go, pairing great hand-crafted beers with items you can find at your local convenience store.

No matter what information you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered at the CA Craft Beer Summit!

Check out our full lineup of educational content here and don’t forget to grab your early bird tickets before prices go up on July 19!