New Albion Brewery’s 34th Anniversary

Do you know what makes Friday October 8th, 2010 so special?

Well today is the 34th anniversary of the incorporation of New Albion Brewery , the first California brewery to obtain a new license after prohibition.

Previously located on Eighth Street East in Sonoma, New Albion Brewery was launched in 1976 and reportedly was built from scratch using old dairy equipment and junkyard parts.

Founder Jack McAuliffe, an engineer by trade, launched New Albion and was one of the first pioneers in the craft beer revolution.  Jack had been in the Navy and spent time in Scotland and when he returned to California he found “a paucity of good beer” and set out to do something about it.  The brewery closed around 1982-1983.

Many consider New Albion to be “the first modern craft brewery” and hold it’s memory in high esteem.
Happy Anniversary New Albion Brewery!