The Rubicon Brewing Company is celebrating the hop harvest season for the entire month of October and with Annual Hoptoberfest on October 30th & 31st. This Hoptoberfest also marks the 21st Anniversary of the Rubicon Brewing Company.

To honor this very important time of year, and extremely hoppy beer style, any day this month you can walk into the Rubicon and choose from a list of hopped-up guest IPAs and Double IPAs.

The 5th Annual Hoptoberfest Finale on October 30th and 31st coincides with the Rubicon’s 23st Birthday.  To commemorate these two momentous occasions, the Rubicon is inviting all of their hop-loving friends and neighbors to join them in celebration with 23 of the hoppiest beers they could find.  This is a harvest party you will not want to miss.

The Rubicon Brewing Company is a favorite Midtown Sacramento institution. For 23 years the Rubicon has provided handcrafted beers and great food, served in a casual, friendly atmosphere.


More information regarding the Rubicon Brewing Company Contact: Glynn Phillips, Owner; phone: 916. 448. 7032