Sea Sick Brewery

A brand new 250bbl brewhouse being shipped to Lagunitas Brewing Co. as part of their major expansion project, hit a storm on the way into the eastern Caribbean. According to a Lagunitas Twitter stream, as the ship rolled back and forth by more than 40 degrees a crane came loose from its chains and crushed the brewhouse, sitting peacefully on deck. The 30′ diameter lauter tun caught the blunt of the attack, and appears to be a total loss.

Meanwhile two 40′ tall 750bbl fermenters just moored in Stockton CA port last night. Because they are too big to travel via truck, some components of the brewhouse will be barged as far as possible up the Petaluma River and then air freighted (that’s right — flown) via a “heavy lift” chopper.

Looking forward to seeing photos of a brewery flying over the city of Petaluma