Sierra Nevada Brewing to Start Canning Beer

Sierra Nevada Brewing will start canning Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for the first time later this year.

Bill Manley, a spokesperson from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. had this to says…

“Our canning line should be in the building near July 4. It will be a couple of months to get it up and running, but should start seeing Pale Ale in cans in late 2011.

We’re on the fence about what other beers to release, but I think we’ll have a couple of different brews available. Cans will only be a small part of our output, but we’re excited to see how they’re received.

There are so many places where you can’t or won’t bring glass…up here in the foothills it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to bring a bunch of bottles with you in your backpack! This is really the reason we’re going for this.

Right now we’re thinking can-conditioned. All of our bottle Pale Ale is bottle conditioned so it makes sense. We need to do some serious QA trails of all available options before saying anything for sure.

No chance of bottled Pale Ale going anywhere. Cans are in addition to, not in place of.”