Sierra Nevada will celebrate 30 years collaboratively

In the spirit of the family of craft brewers, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year and co-founder Ken Grossman has announced the idea of celebrating this special anniversary by brewing collaborative beers with some of the craft brewing industry’s pioneering brewers.

The “collaborators” are Jack McAullife, founder of the country’s first “micro brewery, New Albion Brewery in Sonoma, Fritz Maytag, the godfather of the craft brewing movement who purchased the then-floundering Anchor Brewing Company in 1965, Charlie Papazian, homebrewing guru and Fred Eckhardt30-years a pioneering beer advocate and author of several books on beer.

Here’s what’s on tap folks!
 American-style barleywine   available in mid July 2010 brewing by Jack and Ken.
A “Pioneers Stout” available in mid March 2010 from Fritz and Ken
An Imperial Helles Lager available in mid May 2010 brewed by Ken, Fred and Charlie.
And finally, Ken himself will conjur up “Our Brewers Reserve.”

Watch the video here.