Benj Steinman

President, Beer Marketer's Insights, Inc.

Benj Steinman is the president of Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS, Inc, the leading trade publisher for the United States brewing industry since 1970. BMI was founded by Jerry Steinman, Benj’s father. Benj joined BMI in 1980.  He is publisher and editor of the flagship newsletter as well as several other online and print media publications.  Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS currently has six publications:

  • Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS
  • Beer Statistics News
  • Beverage Business INSIGHTS
  • Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS
  • Insights Express
  • Craft Brew News

BMI also hosts two annual conferences, a Spring Conference in Chicago and the Beer Insights Seminar in November in New York City.  And BMI publishes 2 annual statistical compendiums, Beer Industry Update and Craft Brew Guide. Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS is often quoted in leading newspapers, magazines and other media.

Benj graduated from Brown University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts and from Columbia University in 1991 with a Masters of Business Administration.

Benj and his wife Robin live in Montebello, NY.  They have 3 children. Continuing the family legacy, their oldest son David joined Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS in 2013.


Important Dates

March 19-22, 2023: California Craft Beer Summit, Sacramento


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