Cheri Chastain

Sustainability Manager, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Cheri Chastain is the Sustainability Manager for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Cheri has been with the company for 10 years and is responsible for educating employees on environmental issues and programs, maintaining and developing policies and projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency, zero waste, alternative fuels, and water conservation and reuse. Cheri also works outside Sierra Nevada’s walls on policy and advocacy issues relating to sustainability. Cheri is currently a member of the City of Chico’s Sustainability Task Force, Co-Chairs the Brewer’s Association Sustainability Subcommittee, and serves as a board member of the US Zero Waste Business Council. Cheri has a BA and an MA in Environmental Geography.

Important Dates

March 19-22, 2023: California Craft Beer Summit, Sacramento


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