Glynn Phillips

Owner of Rubicon Brewing Co.

Since November 1 1987, Rubicon Brewing Company has been a jewel of a capital city culture. It’s not just because of the award-winning fine ales and great food served up by the Rubicon. Within the past four years, under the auspices of owner Glynn Phillips, the Rubicon has become renowned for its community outreach and philanthropic efforts. Its support for Sacramento kids and various people in need that has transformed the Rubicon into a vital cog of Sacramento life. “This pub is part of the community, and I don’t just mean geographically,” said Phillip. “It’s important for us to give back as much as we can to show our appreciation. I really feel like we’re connected with the people and that they can trust that they’ll feel at home here.”

Important Dates

March 19-22, 2023: California Craft Beer Summit, Sacramento


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