What’s Important in the Beer Biz? Good Business Skills! Learn about leading, managing and maintaining a brewery in the Golden State at the California Craft Beer Summit!

Good business acumen is essential for leading a successful brewery in California. If you are looking to build your business expertise don’t miss the line-up of BUSINESS OF BEER educational seminars at the California Craft Beer Summit. We’re bringing in the experts to give you useful information for business, financial and strategic planning.

What Business education are you offering at the Summit? A whole line-up of content devoted to improving your strategy, finances and management, including:

  • State of the Craft Beer Industry in CA: Join the California Craft Brewers Association and the Brewers Association for a critical session addressing competition, market share, sales and volume growth, data and trends in California and nationwide to keep an eye on and where the industry is headed.
  • Creative Licensing: What Can I do With My License? The alcohol industry is highly regulated by the California Alcohol Beverage Control Act – a legal framework that impacts brewers, wine makers, spirits producers, retailers, distributors and even consumers. As competition increases across market categories, what can you do with your license to stay cutting edge and the go-to source for consumers’ discretionary spending.
  • Practical Application for Sales Data: Data on what is selling and where can help you focus your marketing efforts, save money and effort and make effective, fact-based sales presentations. This presentation will cover a range of data sources from household purchases across multiple channels to Direct-to-Consumer sales to depletions/wholesale tracking software and analysis. Send your marketing and sales team to this high-level seminar on reading and using sales data for your brewery.
  • How to Prepare for Growth with Strong Financial Planning: Growth leads to better revenues, revenues come from more growth, but how do you plan to achieve growth and revenue without solid financial planning? Learn from the CFO of a California brewery that has quickly tripled in production and sales volume about the numbers they crunched to get from A to B and take hope key tips to build your own financial planning model.
  • Taproom Success: Brewing great beer is an important part of being a successful craft brewery — but it’s not everything. In this increasingly crowded and competitive industry, customer service is going to become more important than ever. The panel will discuss the importance of customer service and stress there is more than one approach. The most important thing is making sure the customers are happy and have a great experience. The panel will discuss the various elements of this and how to achieve great outcomes.

With 40+ educational opportunities ranging from sensory training to selling and marketing, the California Craft Beer Summit offers something for everyone. Check out the content line-up for the California Craft Beer Summit and make sure you snag your ticket for one day or the entire event.

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