Why AJ Tendick Attends the Summit and You Should Too!

Still considering whether you should travel to Sacramento for the 2017 California Craft beer Summit? In addition to checking out the seminars, or the roster of exhibitors, there is a huge benefit to bringing the entire industry together in one place – at the California state Capitol!

Over the next few weeks the CCBA will be sharing some of your industry peer’s top reasons YOU should attend the Summit. Today we hear from the co-owner of Bike Dog Brewing, AJ Tendick:

CCBA: Tell us a little about why you think the brewing industry should attend the California Craft Beer Summit…

AJ: First and foremost, because it’s fun! But it’s also valuable. Craft beer has been built on a foundation of helping each other out and the Summit is the perfect place to hear from leaders in our industry and meet staff from hundreds of breweries.

CCBA: What are you looking forward to at this year’s Summit?

AJ: I’m looking forward to the session on the compensation study. I think it’s important that as an industry we are leading the way by providing living wages and things like health care.

CCBA: What is your favorite memory from last year’s Summit?

AJ: I’m a big fan of meeting new people over a beer so I loved meeting brewery representatives at the Guild booths and hearing about the beer that they brought and about their brewery. And while I was there it was easy to meet other like-minded folks and listen to their stories of brewing. So my favorite memory is meeting new people that I’ve had the chance to keep in contact with now over the year.

CCBA: Any special beers you plan to bring to the 2017 Summit?

AJ: I’m actually in the process of reaching out to some folks from outside the Sacramento area to do a collaboration beer to release in time for the Summit to help celebrate their coming up to the Summit. So, no firm news yet, but expect something fun.

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