Build Your Brand, Know Your Story and Sell More Beer: California Craft Beer Summit Educational Sessions Built for You

Looking to build your brand? Increase your sales goals? Identify what makes you different? Don’t miss the line-up of SELLING BEER educational seminars at the California Craft Beer Summit. We’re bringing in the experts and the market analysts to give you useful information on your next go-to-market strategy.

What’s the Selling Craft Beer education? A whole line-up of content devoted to selling, marketing and branding your beer, including:

  • Perspectives on a Changing Retail Environment: After decades working in marketing, retail sales and growing the industry from the ground-up, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Joe Whitney will talk about what the brewing company is doing to adapt to a changing retail environment and what trends in retail sales you should be addressing in your planning and go-to-market strategy meetings.
  • Partnerships: Building Distributor Relationships and Increasing Sales: As a brewery or distributor working together for 1-3 years the honeymoon phase may be over for one or both of you. How do you come to the table and create goals and marketing strategies that benefit and incentivize both partners? This session is for distributors and brewers looking to get the most out of their relationships, partnerships and sales.
  • Who is your competition and what are THEY doing? Look at the trends and implications across all craft beverages, both nationally and globally, and how they are impacting consumer behavior and your daily life in terms of your go-to-market strategy.
  • Marketing Your Brand and Increasing Beer Sales: How do you grow a beer brand from the ground up? How do you create a marketing plan that sticks and stands out in today’s competitive marketplace? Learn from the CMO of Karl Strauss his checklist for launching new beer brands, adapting old beer brands and building sales.
  • Exploring the World of Craft Brewer Exports: International markets offer a valuable opportunity to diversify sales and grow your business. However, determining whether exporting is a good fit for your brewery and how to get started can be a challenge. Steve Parr will discuss the international market for American craft beer, what resources are available, and common speed bumps encountered by brewers when selling their beer abroad.
  • Plus so much more!

With 40+ educational opportunities ranging from sensory training to business operations, the California Craft Beer Summit offers something for everyone. Check out the content line-up for the California Craft Beer Summit and make sure you snag your ticket for one day or the entire event.

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