California Craft Beer Over the Years

The craft brewing industry in California has grown and changed dramatically in the 83 years since prohibition. To memorialize a milestone reached in California – more than 700 breweries in operation across the state – the California Craft Brewers Association produced a timeline highlighting key moments in the history of craft beer in California.

In 1965 when Fritz Maytag purchased Anchor Brewing Company, he kicked off the revolution of an industry. Thanks to a growing group of passionate brewers and our state’s regulatory system that supports equal access to market (currently called “tied-house laws”), craft beer has seen continued growth since prohibition. After its formation in 1989, the CCBA’s primary function has been to preserve the rights and privileges of craft breweries in California, protecting equal access to market and ensuring the success of a vibrant industry.

Thanks to the passion of our founding fathers and more than 700 breweries in California, today’s craft beer lovers can reap the benefits of “tied-house laws” with more choices, styles, varieties and taprooms to visit than ever before. Find a brewery near you on this map.

Cheers to California craft beer!