California Craft Brewers Association Hosts its Second Successful California Craft Beer Summit

Tom McCormick, executive director of the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) released the following statement after the association’s signature event in Sacramento, the California Craft Beer Summit.

“The second-annual Summit was an incredible gathering of craft brewers, visionaries, innovators, business partners, distributors, retailers and beer lovers. By building on the success of our unique, first-year event, we’ve created a showcase for California craft beer, highlighting the brewers, beers and beer lovers that have largely contributed to the growth and success of craft beer and brewing across the nation. We are proud to host one of the most innovative, experience-focused and educational events in the craft beer industry.

“This year the Summit boasted 60,000 square feet of exhibit space, four hands-on ingredient labs, 82 exhibitors, 28 educational sessions and nearly 6,000 attendees over the three-day event.  The Summit Beer Festival continues to be the largest California beer festival in the state, hosting more than 165 breweries out in front of the state Capitol.

“The Summit highlights an industry that is growing rapidly across the state but continues to prioritize quality and education, community building and protecting the growth and success of the industry.

“Currently there are a little over 700 craft breweries in operation across California, with more than 100 new breweries opening their doors just in 2016. Collectively, these businesses provide over 50,000 jobs and contribute over $7.2 billion in economic impact to the state’s economy

“The CCBA is proud to host a successful event highlighting the iconic California craft brewing industry and will continue to close the gap between brewers, industry members and beer lovers at the 2017 California Craft Beer Summit.”