Craft Beer Industry Shows its Community Support, Launching Retirement Benefits Program for Breweries in California

California Craft Brewers Association rolls out new retirement and 401K program to increase employee benefits at craft breweries

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (February 15, 2017) — The California Craft Brewer Association (CCBA) today announced the rollout of a new benefit for brewery members and their employees: the California Craft Brewers Retirement Benefits Solution. This program provides an opportunity for CCBA brewery members across California to reduce costs and expand benefits for brewery employees.

“The California craft brewing industry supported more than 55,000 jobs in the last year. It’s critical for us to take care of our members’ most precious asset: their employees,” said Tom McCormick, executive director of the CCBA. “In a rapidly growing industry full of daily challenges, long hours and tight margins, it’s important for brewery owners to build an employee retention program. We are excited to launch this benefit to help our industry continue to grow, mature and create jobs across the state.”

Due to the interest and support from hundreds of breweries across California, the CCBA launched the California Craft Brewers Retirement Benefits Solution for its membership at the end of 2016.

“The craft brewing industry has always been a close knit community and we continue to showcase this in the way we help each other and support our employees,” said Steve Wagner, co-founder of Stone Brewing Company in San Diego and participant in the new CCBA member benefit. “It’s been our honor to support the CCBA and the industry at large and we will continue to do so for years to come.”

The CCBA’s 401K program is available only to CCBA members.

The program is facilitated by Merrill Lynch and Transamerica Retirement Solutions. For more information, please contact the CCBA at

About the California Craft Brewers Association

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