Why Jay Goodwin Attends the Summit and You Should Too!

Still considering whether you should travel to Sacramento for the 2017 California Craft beer Summit? In addition to checking out the seminars, or the roster of exhibitors, there is a huge benefit to bringing the entire industry together in one place – at the California state Capitol!

Over the next few weeks the CCBA will be sharing some of your industry peer’s top reasons YOU should attend the Summit. Today we hear from the co-founder of The Rare Barrel, Jay Goodwin:

CCBA: Tell us a little about why you think the brewing industry should attend the California Craft Beer Summit…

Jay: The Summit is a great way to network with CA brewers, find and develop relationships with vendors and pour beer at one of the best festivals of the year!

CCBA: What are you looking forward to at this year’s Summit?

Jay: I always look forward to seeing friends at the Summit. Brewers from all over California come up for this and it’s really a fun time.

CCBA: What is your favorite memory from last year’s Summit?

Jay: Last year was my first time and I was overwhelmed by the scope of the festival. I know there’s a lot of breweries in CA, but seeing them all line the Capitol Mall in Sacramento was pretty impressive. There’s no way you could try all the beers, but that’s a great excuse to come back each year.

CCBA: Any special beers you plan to bring to the 2017 Summit?

Jay: Of course! All of our beers are special 😉 … but seriously, yes. We haven’t decided what to bring yet, but obviously they’ll all be barrel-aged sour beers. We’re proud of the improvements we continue to make year over year and we look forward to sharing our newest creations with the Summit.

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