Looking to Increase Your Business Acumen? Join us at the CA Craft Beer Summit for Education Sessions on the Business of Beer

Good business skills are essential to the success of your brewery. Join us at the CA Craft Beer Summit for a variety of educational sessions from our Business of Beer seminar track and improve your business, financial and strategic planning. Check out the full list of business-related seminars below:

State of the Craft Brewing Industry
Bart Watson, Chief Economist, Brewers Association

Join the Brewers Association for a critical session addressing competition, market share, sales and volume growth, data and trends in California and nationwide. Learn from the BA’s Chief Economist what to keep an eye on and where the industry is headed in 2019 and beyond.

Keeping Up with California ABC Regulations
Lee Riegler, CA Alcoholic Beverage Control

Are you looking for new ways to market your beer?  Hear it direct from the source.  This session will discuss how to stay compliant while interacting with wholesalers, retailers, and more.  This session will also provide insight on the most current and trending ABC regulatory and licensing questions.

Stop “Doing Diversity!”  Build an Inclusive, Equitable, and Just Workplace that Drives Success
 Dr. J Nikol Jackson-Beckham, Brewers Association

Does your brewery staff and leadership reflect the diversity of your community? If not, you’re not alone. You’re also leaving a world of opportunity for organizational success unexplored. In this interactive talk, Dr. J. will share some of the latest research on the advantages that organizations that lead in workplace diversity experience. Though there are no one-size-fits-all tactics that are appropriate for all breweries, this talk will cover a range of practical recruitment and retention strategies that will help attendees working to diversify their workplace.

Sustaining Growth with Strong Financial Planning
 Chris Sarette, CFO, Modern Times Beer

At Summit ‘18, Modern Times tackled how to plan your finances in the early days of a brewery’s life. This included start-up capital, addressing cost of goods, how to price your product and some early lessons learned with traditional bank lenders. During this year’s seminar, we’ll turn our attention to Modern Times’ experience after the first three years of start-up and growth, and the variety of opportunities out there for cash flowing a brewery that is facing a crossroads on how to finance and manage growth from a microbrewery to a regional brewery.

No matter what information you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered at the CA Craft Beer Summit! Check out our full lineup of educational content here.

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