Old Rasputin Vertical Night on Rasputin’s Birthday at Monk’s Kettle

On the night believed to be the 93rd anniversary of Rasputin’s legendary death, the Monk’s Kettle will be hosting an Old Rasputin evening.  Featured for the evening will be three varieties of the imperial stout from North Coast Brewing, Old Rasputin, as well as menu items to be paired with the beers.

The evening will center on three beers: old-rasp in its original form, a 9% ABV dry imperial stout poured through a nitro faucet on draft; last year’s anniversary version, Rasputin XI, aged in oak bourbon barrels, poured on draft; this year’s anniversary version, Rasputin XII (also aged in bourbon barrels) poured from bottles released this past spring.  Rasputin XI saw an extremely limited release, after its exclusive appearance last year at the brewery; its success led to the general (yet still limited) release this year of Rasputin XII.

Chef Kevin Kroger will be offering an Old Rasputin pairing menu for the evening, which will feature pungent blue cheeses, chocolates from the local, organic artisan chocolate producers Tcho, and Beef Short Ribs marinaded in Old Rasputin and chocolate.

For more information about the Monk’s Kettle, please contact co-owner Christian Albertson at christian@monkskettle.com or (415) 865-9523.