Stone Brewing looks at new brewery in Europe

Given the demand throughout Europe for American craft beer, what may be the ultimate “export” is on the drawing board at Stone Brewing Co. in San Diego.

The brewery announced that they are looking at the possibility of constructing a brewery somewhere in the Europe. The company is in the process of putting out a RFP (Request for Proposal) to gauge interest.

“We’re approaching this with no assumptions other than we’d like to consider any and all options,” said Greg Koch. “Many of the countries of Europe have great brewing traditions. Some countries are also currently experiencing a bit of a resurgence of small, independent breweries. We look forward to joining in the fight in Europe by doing our part to add to the growing trend towards unique, flavorful artisanal beers, as opposed to the mass-blandification efforts characterized by megabrand sameness.”

See a short video on the Stone idea.