At the Summit: Bringing Malting Back to California

A small group of Bay Area craft brewers are kicking off a new project to localize the production of malt – one of the key ingredients in beer. In response to the demand for “local” craft ingredients and products, these three craft brewers/maltsters plan to produce and provide locally sourced options for craft breweries in California. Ron Silberstein of Thirsty Bear Brewing Co., Dave McLean of Magnolia Brewing Co. and Curtis Davenport are on the forefront of a local resurgence in the malting industry, following a slow and steady movement across the nation. Malting has early roots in San Francisco and, prior to the Prohibition, was a thriving industry that supplied many of the malt products used by California breweries.

Silberstein, McLean and Davenport will be joining the CCBA at the California Craft Beer Summit  to discuss the research, history and techniques needed to bring barley production and malting back to California.

Join us for this “Tap Talk” and learn more about the national craft malting phenomenon and California as the next frontier. Click here to see the full lineup of Tap Talks and educational sessions that will be available at the Summit. Get your tickets here!