At the Summit: Food, beers, blind tastings?

The tasting line-up at the California Craft Beer Summit is unparalleled anywhere else in the world, and we aren’t just talking about beer.

The Summit’s Chef Demo Stage and Food Pairing areas in the Craft Marketplace allows attendees to taste and learn how to better pair their food and beer. The food pairing area will feature local restaurants and chefs focused on developing better food and beer pairing options.

Outside of the expo hall, educational sessions compare traditional beer styles to California equivalents in a tasting menu made to improve your knowledge, judging and palate (Tasting Tour through Craft Beer). If you want to really test the limits of your taste buds, attend a blindfolded tasting with Hoby Welder (Sensory Training: Blind Tasting and Analysis). Hoby has been blind since birth and plans to walk attendees through an advanced tasting and sensory experience, focused on touch and taste – all without sight.

Of course, if you’re here for the beer, don’t miss the line-up of 160 craft breweries outside on Saturday, September 9 for a tasting tour through all of California’s craft breweries.

Check out the full schedule here and don’t miss early bird ticket sales HERE (available now through July 10).