At the Summit: Meet the Distributors

One of the most important business partnerships for growing, building and selling your beer is the relationship formed with your distributor. Whether it’s your first elevator pitch or a routine sales meeting, this one-on-one business  session is an opportunity to sit down and discuss your beer, your business and your distribution goals with beer distributors from across the state and the nation.

At the California Craft Beer Summit on September 9,  select distributors will host a table during a three hour “Meet a Distributor” educational session, allowing brewery owners and decision makers to collect information, pitch their brand or gain information about the distributor’s sales process. After the session time ends, distributors will still be able to access the private room to host one-on-one meetings with sales staff or suppliers as needed, providing a quiet, separate space for new business conversations and relationship building.

For information on how to reserve a distributor table at this session, please contact