Want to Take Your Brewing Skills to the Next Level? Technical Brewing Seminars at the CA Craft Beer Summit Are Your Recipe for Success!

What are your goals for 2019? If brewing better beer is one of them, make sure to check out educational opportunities in our Technical Brewing Track at the CA Craft Beer Summit. Topics on yeast, hops, malt, sours, wild ales, and much more will be discussed during the 2-day expo. Check out the full list of our technical brewing seminars below:

Yeast and Hop Interactions: A Review
Brittney Berg, West Coast Technical Sales Manager, Lallemand Brewing

In this seminar, join Brittney Berg of Lallemand Brewing to learn the ins and outs of biotransformation. Find answers to the questions: What does biotransformation mean? What research has been done and what do we currently know? What is next to come? This presentation will be a breakdown of biotransformation, a review of studies, and a few interesting trials to stimulate future experimentation.

Beyond the Pale: A Reintroduction to Malt Styles
Curtis Davenport, Founder, Admiral Maltings, Aaron MacLeod, Director, Hartwick College Center for Craft Food and Beverage, Josh Cody, Founder, Colorado Malting, Seth Klann, Owner, Mecca Grade Estate Malt

In this panel seminar, members of the craft malt community will explain flavor differences between various malt styles and how different malting processes relate to those flavor components. Craft Maltsters will walk through their own unique and varying processes for creating Pilsner, Pale, Vienna, Munich and kilned caramel style malts and the key differences between these malt styles on a scientific level. Attendees will increase their knowledge of how popular malt styles are created, learn how farm and malthouse processes create unique characteristics within the same malt style, and become informed about budding conversations and research related to malt flavor.

Sour and Wild Beer Innovations
Jay Goodwin, Co-Founder, The Rare Barrel, Harrison McCabe, Head Brewer, Beachwood BBQ and Brewery, Bob Kunz, Owner, Highland Park Brewery, Henry Nguyen, Co-Founder, Monkish Brewing Co.

Despite being an old style of beer, sour and wild beer have been changing rapidly among American breweries who are innovating this style. Join us for a panel discussion with some of the best producers in California to discover current best practices and the future of what can be accomplished with these beers.

History of Norwegian Kveik (Yeast) and Applications in Modern Brewing
Lance Shaner, Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Omega Yeast Labs

Yeast strains of Norwegian farmhouse origin (known as “kveik” in a Norwegian dialect) have been getting increased attention in the brewing world due to their unusual characteristics. Fermentation temperatures up to 100°F result in extremely fast turnaround and help save energy by lowering cooling demand during fermentation. Alcohol tolerances exceeding 15% allow brewers to produce styles such as imperial stouts and barleywines with ease. The ester profiles of kveik also complement modern fruity hops in the production of American-style IPAs. This seminar will address the origins of Norwegian kveik and their application in modern brewing styles.

No matter what information you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered at the CA Craft Beer Summit!

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