An Update on CCBA Health Insurance Program

Over the last 4 years CCBA has been proud to offer a health care option for its membership: the CCBA Employee Benefits Trust. This trust allowed small employers to participate in a health plan with a “large group rate.” Unfortunately this benefit is coming to an end.

In December of this year, the California Department of Managed Care decided it will no longer allow small employers to purchase large group insurance, ending the discounted rates offered by association managed health plans like the CCBA Trust. A significant effort was made by VERY large association health plans and brokers who met with regulators and lobbied to continue association management health plans, but this effort was not successful. This change is part of an ongoing effort by the California state legislature to streamline its health insurance platform.

When does this go into effect?

As of July 1, 2020 anyone with less than 100 employees will not be eligible for the CCBA Trust or any “group” health care plan. All of California’s Association Plans will be facing this same issue.

What does this mean for you?

As of July 2020 you will no longer be eligible to continue your current plan within the CCBA Employee Benefits Trust. You will need to find new health coverage for your business through either your existing broker or other health insurance brokers.

CCBA has a list of allied trade members that offer insurance, all can be found on our website HERE. We recommend you seek multiple quotes to ensure you are accessing the best rate and service for you company.

We hope that those of you that participated were able to reduce your business costs over the last four years. Huge thank you to our partner for helping launch & maintain the CCBA Employee Benefits Trust, HUB International. HUB will continue to work with our industry as a health insurance broker. HUB is working on a packaged program offering discounts for CCBA members. Please contact Bo Lebherz ( for more information on that program.

CCBA will continue to identify ways we can support you and lower your costs through our legislative efforts and member benefits in the future. Please contact us if you have ideas, questions or feedback. We are here to help.