Hear from ABC Experts at the CCBA Spring Conference

The craft brewing industry is regulated by a complicated and important set of laws around selling and marketing alcohol. Understanding California ABC law is an important skill set for every brewery owner, sales rep, manager and employee. Join us at the CCBA Spring Conference in San Diego, May 21-23, for two sessions dedicated to improving your knowledge and understanding of California ABC regulations.

As we enter into the annual “festival season,” be prepared for all requests for donations, beer and staff and understand the requirements and regulations to consider when hosting, managing or participating in a beer festival. Alcohol beverage attorney, Bahaneh Hobel, will walk through the regulations, how to select events, what you can give away versus what you can sell and how to prepare your brewery for every request coming through the door this year.

In addition to this festival focused session, Tuesday morning will open up with a panel of ABC attorneys discussing what’s going on in the industry, trade practice enforcements trends, pitfalls to avoid at your brewery, in retail and on social media and other “top 20” concerns around ABC trade practice. Make sure you come with questions! This session will be interactive and answer all your hypothetical and “what if” and “wouldn’t it be cool if…” questions.

Check out the full schedule and seminar descriptions on this page. You can register for the CCBA conference here.