Planning for Growth: The Craft Brewer’s Story

What can three brewery owners tell you about planning for growth?

  • Every project will take longer and cost more than you originally planned
  • You can expect to jump over a lot of hurdles before you see any benefits
  • It’s critical to expand not just for quantity but for quality
  • Building and expanding your brand can happen before you have a brick-and-mortar brewery

Join the owners of Hess Brewing Co., Smog City and Modern Times to learn how they increased production, opened new tasting rooms and planned, financed and executed a sustainable growth strategy.

This session will cover everything from financial strategies to recovering (and learning from) growing pains to prioritizing both efficiency and capital. Moderated by John Verive, freelance reporter for the Los Angeles Times, this seminar will give brewers hands-on advice from the trenches of running and growing a brewery.

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